LG named Thomson Reuters 2011 Top 100 Global Innovator

LG Electronics has been recognized for its achievements as one of the world’s most innovative companies. In developing the list of Top 100 Global Innovators, Thomson Reuters, a provider of intellectual property solutions and information, analyzes patent data and related metrics in a proprietary methodology to scientifically identify the most influential organizations globally.

The Thomson Reuters 2011 Top Global Innovators program evaluates performance in three areas: companies that invent on a significant scale work on developments that are acknowledged as innovative by others around the world, and whose inventions are globally protected due to their importance.

“Our innovation has been customer centric and ensuring our products meets customer experience, satisfaction and value for money. Over the years, LG has been investing strategically in research and development to give our customers the best”, says George Mudhune, LG’s Head of Marketing and Communications, East and Central Africa.

In September 2011, LG was named by Jeffries & Co., a global securities and investment banking group, as the world leader in LTE patents. This finding was based on the company’s analysis of 1,400 LTE patents that the investment bank categorized as “essential.” LG’s LTE patents accounted for 23 percent of the 1,400 patents. Jeffries & Co.’s report clearly singled out LG’s unrivalled leadership in LTE technology which was valued by the bank at nearly USD 8 billion.

“Innovation is a means of growth and prosperity for companies seeking to overcome sluggish economies and achieve competitive advantages,” says David Brown, president of the IP Solutions business of Thomson Reuters. “We salute the Thomson Reuters 2011 Top 100 Global Innovator companies and their leaders for the innovative spirit they foster and their commitment to protecting intellectual assets.”