invidis / OVAB market report

Beyond the tipping point

invidis and OVAB have launched the largest market research ever, more than 150 interviews with all major digital signage players in the last 18 months. The result is our Digital Signage Ranking 2011 and the DooH Report 2011. Both market studies will be available free of charge. The Ranking shows the Euro volume stagnating development of the display business, the incredible rise of integrators, the demise of digital signage software vendors in the value chain as well as many other information.

The separate DooH Report lists all major digital out of Home networks, number of displays and locations as well as the top 10 in advertising revenues. The German, Austrian and Swiss digital out of Home market has been very dynamic in 2010 and grows with tremendous speed. If the development keeps its pace Germany will overtake the UK as the biggest DooH market in 2012.

The total Digital Signage market in the German speaking markets exceeded in 2010 the 300m EUR benchmark. Including 100m display revenues, 80m Integrator revenues, 68m DooH revenues, 20m Software plus additional categories. The Digital Signage Report is due in the coming days, the DooH Report will be published in August including the latest Q2/2011 data.