Sharp presents the high-brightness display

With the new PN-V602 thin-bezel monitor, Sharp has put a display on the market with a brightness of 1500 candelas, so that it is able to transmit content with excellent colours even in extremely bright ambient light. The full-array LED backlighting of this display guarantees optimal picture brightness. Additionally, the local dimming function ensures high contrast and particularly low power consumption.

“We developed our new PN-V602 high-brightness display specifically for use in bright environments,” says Peter Heins, Product and R&D Manager at Sharp Electronics (Europe) GmbH. “With an extremely high brightness of 1500 candelas and impressive colour depth, this monitor provides high contrast and well-lit picture quality, even in bright sunlight. The screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels ensures optimal picture quality, even from right up close.”

The commemoration for the 50th anniversary of the building of the Berlin wall was the very first time Sharp’s professional monitors were used and they gave proof of their high light output. The events on the open-air stage, specially set up for this event, were shown to all visitors on a large video wall of 16 Sharp PN-V602 monitors. During the screenings the sun shone on the big size monitor installation, usually leaving the image on the screen hard to see for the visitors. With the Sharp monitors of the latest generation the whole audience was able to enjoy the image on screen in high quality.

These displays have a diagonal screen size of 152 cm and can be cascaded, so that they are ideal for use as a large-scale video wall or for signage and advertising boards. With a bezel width of only 6.5 mm between monitors, the display provides an almost entirely seamless image without disruptive separation lines. The monitors are also optionally available with mirror frames. The reflection of the display content by the mirror frames makes the bezel lines – and therefore the transitions between individual displays – almost invisible.

The Sharp PN-V602 has a local dimming function that guarantees an outstanding contrast ratio and extremely high brightness together with particularly low energy consumption. Local dimming enables individual LEDs to be switched on and off for specific purposes.