Retail Project

Rewe presents fully integrated digital retail concept

Rewe Group - the number 2 in the German Food retail industry (EUR 37b) has launched a new fully integrated digital retail concept. The group’s premium retail outlet Rewe Center (2010: 16b revenue / Source) introduced their new retail concept in a newly opened store in Munich.

The newly opened store will be the blueprint for all future stores in the Rewe Center retail line (3300 stores). The digital concept includes 15 displays (LG 42”), two projections (Sanyo projectors), and recipe self-service terminals. Quite unique for the German food retail space is almost exclusive use of OLED price tags throughout the store. Easily thousand and more electronic price tags have been installed.

Rewe Center München
Rewe Center Munich

The fresh foods department uses Mettler Toledo scales with integrated, product sensitive digital signage system and the bakery uses IBM / Samuleson sales terminals. The large format display system seems to be installed by Deutsche Telekom ooH (TooH) which would be an interesting development as TooH Media usually only installs and operates the advertising network in Rewe retail outlets.