New Stuttgart city library equipped with digital signage solutions

The new Stuttgart city library has been equipped with digital guidance and information systems developed by netvico GmbH. The ground-breaking construction project by Korean architect Eun Young Yit now offers a selection of around half a million books, films and other media, all accessible via touch-screen pillars that blend in with the design of this futuristic cube.

The digital pillars have been installed at 13 focal points in the building. From the basement to the eighth floor, the touch-screens offer direct communication with the user. The digital signage solutions are situated around the entrance areas, in front of the elevators and near the stairs. The featured guidance system includes floor and section plans as well as special functions allowing library users to locate specific sections, search for specific titles and obtain relevant shelf numbers.

Furthermore, the top part of the display screens offers information about special events and book launches. Netvico completed this project in association with Totems Communication.