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Vet Live TV moves into the cloud

- Blackpool-based 21 Digital Signage (21DS) is allowing the veterinary industry to reach a captive audience of millions across the UK through its Vets Live TV. von Oliver Schwede

21DS currently holds 200 signagelive licences, but the network is set to double in the next year

21DS currently holds 200 signagelive licences, but the network is set to double in the next year

Vets Live is the UK’s leading veterinary TV network, with over 600 practices broadcasting the channel. It’s clients include The Royal Veterinary College and many independently owned small-animal practices, as well as a full role out over the next 12 months with the Medivet Veterinary group, and a recent 30-site installation with the XL Vets members.

Nick Trachillis, 21DS finance director commented; “We are very grateful to have found a partner company in signagelive for Vet Live. Every single licence that is renewed from our current clients, is being changed to signagelive. For us it is essential to provide the best service and support for our clients. To build a name in the market we need a good level of service, with signagelive we can provide this and more, thanks to the software’s flexibility and the fact that everything can be managed remotely. signagelive’s excellent technical support is also key for us and our clients.”

21DS has recently inked a deal with CVS UK ltd. This is one of the largest Vet buying group companies in the UK with 226 surgeries, six diagnostic labs and one crematoria. Over the next 12 to 18 months, Vet Live will be expanding to another 250-300 sites.

“Vets under the CVS umbrella keep their company name, but CVS manages the practices’ business, and is updating them using digital signage. We are installing an average of three screens a week for CVS,” explains Trachillis, “we are expecting to have 220 sites up and running by the end of this year.”

21DS produces compelling content for Vets Live at its studios, which is then distributed to the practices over IP. The 32” LG screens also have an RSS feed from Sky News.

“Using the web browser based message manager console, the clinics can also upload their own RSS feeds with key localised information,” adds Trichillis, “no IT expertise is really needed. The receptionist can log onto a web browser and update the RSS feed. When we install a digital signage screen we give vets a tick list and they can choose what they want in terms of programmes and ads. The package we offer benefits end-users and advertising companies that want to reach a wider audience.”

“We have tried and tested other cloud-based digital signage companies, but from the software industry signagelive is the best. There is no other company I would put my money on, they are the best,” concludes Trichallis.

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