DooH in Africa

Smartscreen operates Amscreen networks in Kenya, Angola and South Africa

Dubai based Smart Screen, exclusive licensee of Amscreen in MENA, expands since 2012 to markets beyond the GCC. Activities in East Africa include First Community Bank in Kenya which installs Amscreen displays in 18 branches across Kenya.

Dwell time in retail banking branches are usually quite long as customers queue up for service. First Community Bank. A second network includes 106 displays across 49 sites in Angola. Smartscreen covers mainly petrol station in the oil-rich Western African nation. A third network is currently set up in South Africa (28 Displays)

Even each network is comparable small to European standards: but each individual DooH-network benefits from economies of scale. UK based Amscreen and its partner Smartscreen offer a turnkey product, other players in the digital signage market as Montreal based Broadsign focus on offering cloud based services without hardware.

Without cloud-based services digital out of homer / digital signage in small markets would have a hard time to break even. Challenges remain in DooH-networks as local media sales need to convince media buyers to include DooH in their relevant media mix.