Signage Sunday

Display High Noon at Heathrow

Samsung vs NEC - the leading digital signage display vendors fight a virtual battle at Europe’s busiest airport. At least sort of. Samsung announced this week to rebrand the British Airways Terminal 5 into the Samsung Galaxy 5 Terminal. This exclusive deal has been managed by JC Decaux airports which holds all advertising rights at Heathrow airport.

But in three weeks’ time Heathrow will experience a more sustainable event. The new Queens Terminal (T2) will open to the public. A great leap forward for Star Alliance passengers and airlines as the existing Terminal 1 is showing age. The operator Heathrow Airport Holdings Limited (formerly BAA Limited) selected NEC displays for FIDS and Wayfinding solutions. That is in contrast to T5 (British Airways) which features Samsung.

Glimpse at the digital signage of the new London Heathrow T2
Glimpse at the digital signage of the new London Heathrow T2

This week invidis got a first glimpse at the new installations while returning from London Digital Signage Week. The flight to Vienna left from gate B33 at the new terminal T2. FIDS installations in the T2 gate-area are similar to T5 installed on top of poles. This enables a clear line of sight for passengers through the terminal (compared to totems) as well as the best visibility due to the above the head location.

In addition T2 features full enclosed digital gate signage which are a signature design of the new terminal. As far as we could see the public displays include integrated PCs to enable a slim, cable optimized installation.

Preview of London Heathrow Terminal 2
Preview of London Heathrow Terminal 2

Advertising opportunities are similar to T5 as the rights are also held by JC Decaux Airports. A JCD microsite features all static and digital faces like

Digital Network

  • Digital Airport Panels (DAPs) as stand-alone or integrated in FIDS boards at 53 sites. The network of portrait LCD displays vary in sizes between 40”-70”
  • Gateroom DAPs at 23 sites (55”)
  • Carousel Airport Panels at 24 sites around the baggage claim area (40” and 55”)

Digital Stand-alone

  • Digital Towers (two 55m² LED 6mm walls)
  • Motion (four 12m² LED 6mm walls at the security checkpoints)
  • Couture Portals (two 12m² LED 6mm walls above escaltors)
  • Couture Digital Totems (two 70” LCD)
  • Walkway Motion (6 banks of 5 x70” LCD) in passenger tunnel to satellite terminal