Digital Signage-Free Shop Design with notable Exceptions

Starbucks is one of a few global quick service restaurants & café chains deliberately not integrating large format displays in their standard shop design.The Seattle-based coffee maker invests heavily in market research to gain insights of how to offer their guests a perfect café experience. Now a recently opened flagship store integrates various notable digital signage installations.

Starbucks innovative retail concept has been used in more than 20.000 stores across 60+ countries. The signature concept builds on wood and other natural materials, warm colors and dimed lighting. Bloomberg TV inspected a typical Starbucks branch and presents valuable insights.

But as the saying goes, there is no rule without an exception as the recently opened flagship store of Starbucks at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California shows. With millions of guests visiting the Disneyland Resort from all over the world each year, the new store – the first of four to be operated by Starbucks across Disney properties in the U.S. – will serve as a destination for guests looking to relax and recharge as part of their visit.

The new Downtown Disney location brings one of Starbucks most engaging experiences to customers with technology and content designed specifically for the store. This includes introducing customers to the story behind Starbucks coffee projected across a 3×3 video wall installation in addition to a first-of-its-kind interactive touch screen that will inspire moments of playful creativity for even the youngest visitors.

Starbucks Anaheim Disney Flagship Store
Starbucks Anaheim Disney Flagship Store

Starbucks has never been a big fan of digital media in the shop design. The European-style café atmosphere as defined by the Seattle based coffee maker is supposed to offer a cozy and relaxed environment without too much distraction. In addition Starbucks offers the same coffee specialties throughout the day omitting the demand for dynamic menu boards. Obviously this strategy is challenged in selected flagship stores like the new store at Disney Anaheim.

“The store’s coffee passion wall video is rendered to look like an animated painting or drawing. That handcrafted look is a reflection of the handcrafted beverages we serve every day around the world,” said Bill Sleeth, Starbucks vice president of design for the Americas. “Disney and Starbucks challenged each other and the result is a beautiful, unexpected gathering place.”

“This store is a reflection of two iconic brands coming together to offer their customers the kind of high quality experience they expect in a way that embodies the unique passion of each,” said Arthur Rubinfeld, chief creative officer and president, global innovation for Starbucks. “Collaborating with Disney offered us the opportunity to create a unique moment of connection for our customers in a way that evokes the magic that their guests expect.”

This sustainably built to LEED standards location includes an outdoor patio designed around an old growth tree, reclaimed wood siding and a living, green wall with more than 1,000 native plants in the shape of a coffee cup that serves as a backdrop to capturing memories for visiting guests.

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