Umpqua Bank

Much more than a bank branch

Banks usually refer to branches, Oregon based Umpqua bank prefers the expression “banking stores”. More than 230 stores spread along the US west coast mainly in Oregon and neighboring Northern California. One of the newest stores was unveiled in August 2013 --its newest store concept in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District.

Located at 450 Sansome Street, Umpqua’s new San Francisco flagship is designed to engage both customers and the public at every level, from behind the window external displays delivering up-to-the-minute bus schedules and weather information to public meeting spaces and an interactive, 6m Video Wall just inside the main entrance, featuring information about local companies in the surrounding of the branch and business tips by vertical industry experts. As mobile and digital technology continues to transform how people interact with companies, retailers must continue to create a compelling in-store experience. Umpqua’s San Francisco store offers new features designed specifically to engage consumers and businesses.

Umpqua Bank SF
Umpqua Bank SF

The concept includes various digital signage and retail modules:

  • Mobile Concierge – Umpqua’s Mobile Concierge associates are able to service accounts, connect customers with subject experts, and book one of the store’s public conference rooms from anywhere in the store.
  • Catalyst Wall – This regularly updated, interactive digital video-wall is designed to engage and inspire individuals and businesses while providing resources. It features insights from a rotating selection of business game-changers and opinion leaders. Visitors can also explore financial and business goals and products on the interactive touchscreens as well as a collection of in-house and curated mobile apps.
  • Demo Bar – Showcases products from featured businesses and serves as a hub for demonstrations of all kinds, from financial products and services to coffee and chocolate tastings.
  • Spark Resource Center – This space designed for businesses and individuals to connect, collaborate and be inspired includes digital booklets. It includes publicly available iPads loaded with a collection of inspiration and innovative thinking, device charging stations and cell phone chat chairs to make impromptu phone calls private.
  • Data Research Station – Provides San Francisco businesses with access to proprietary and public industry and consumer trend resources providing insight into consumer trends and related business ideas.
  • Business Lounge – This invitation-only space is designed for larger group meetings or sessions, and will feature events with local business and thought leaders.
  • Exchange Rooms – These flexible rooms are available to all. Umpqua associates will use them to meet with clients and small groups can “rent” the rooms for free to deliver presentations, hold a virtual meeting on Skype or simply gather their team.

invidis comment

Umpqua’s signature store is a great concept of modern digital signage. Pretty much the best we have seen in 2013. The concept engages with customers, by-passers and the community. Interactivity in the shop window is limited to twitter omitting the need for touch screens. The multi touch walls in the lobby feature a wide variety of general interest content focusing on non-personal information which are not suited for large screens in public.

A recommendable read about the Umpqua brand is an article published by the The Financial Brand