DooH Campaigns

French Food retailer intermache innovative campaign

Looking for really creative DooH network campaigns is a difficult task. Numerous landmark campaigns have been brought to life on digital signage and DooH networks across the world. Intermarche created a noteworthy campaign with a smile.

Many of them are based on interactivity through cameras, Kinetic motion control etc. Lately also augmented reality campaigns are getting more popular. But they all need displays plus additional sensors; cameras, proximity sensors, vending technology etc.

But most DooH screens are not equipped with interactive technology for numerous reasons. Investments is an obvious, but judicial or cultural reasons are the real limiting factor. An interesting development we will focus on at the 8. OVAB Munich Digital Signage Conference.

So the real challenge remains to develop campaigns which work based on their clever message, copy and creative concept. French food retail giant managed to roll out an innovative campaign with a smile – the Inglorious Fruits.