Dubai International Airport

GCC's first dynamic digital screen comes to DXB

JC Decaux introduces this fall two new DooH landmark installations at Dubai International Airport (DXB). The dynamic digital signage advertising proposition incorporates three separate screens within its design.

The largest of the 3, measuring 6.1m in length by 1.1m in height, acts as a backdrop. The 2 smaller screens (0.6m by 1.5m) can be programmed independently to traverse across the front of the larger screen at up to 0.8m per second, presenting a truly eye catching digital advertising platform.

The installations seem to be placed above the duty free retail areas to target passengers close by to the point of sale and offer a fantastic new avenue for creativity through digital advertising.

Dubai International Airports is a fantastic showcase of digital signage and DooH. The landmark installations are mainly driven by retail (Dubai Duty Free) and more and more from JC Decaux Dicon (DooH).

JC Decaux Dynamic DooH at DXB
Video Animation  of JC Decaux Dynamic DooH at DXB (Video: JC Decaux)