Video Wall

Much more than hardware – getting content right

- At a recent visit to Moscow we passed by one of Moscow’s largest rail stations. Compared to many public transportation hubs in Russia, Kurskaya Station offers many modern amenities. Amongst others two 4×4 video walls displaying train departure information – with a dedicated look-and-feel. von Florian Rotberg

Moscow Kurskaya Station

Moscow Kurskaya Station (Photo: invidis)

Joy of use or easy usability didn’t definitely had first priority when setting up the digitals signage installations. Some remarks:

  • Russian Railways does not utilize the full potential of digital signage by displaying relevant information in Cyrillic and Latin alphabet
  • Not relevant information – selected days on which the specific service is not offered – are shown on the video wall (most likely the data is derived from a print focused database)
  • Graphics, Layout and fonts is not optimized for video walls
  • Plasma displays do not offer enough contrast in the light filled station building

But regardless of the above comments, the video wall at Kurskaya Station is a great step forward in customer services.

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