OVAB Digital Signage Conference Munich

Ströer COO Christian Schmalzl presents Keynote at OVAB Conference

With Ströer Media COO Christian Schmalzl the “OVAB Digital Signage Conference Munich” (17th / 18th September) offers its first highlight in the morning.

Because of reconstruction and building measures Ströer has changed from an outdoor advertiser to an OoH- and online media house in the past 18 month. Both the annual figures in 2013 with a significant growth as well as the development in the stock market with a doubling of the share price over the last twelve months let the strategy Ströer 3.0 seem true.

Christian Schmalzl, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Ströer Media AG, will report about the reconstruction measures in his keynote. And he will put the “traditional” perception to the touch: “It was never the plan to make a poster digital”, said Schmalzl in the invidis interview. Also the Ströer Media COO doesn’t talk about DooH anymore. He uses the word Public video instead, which means moving images in public space.

Both, the Keynote as well as the “Panel Media Owner” which is held right after will trigger some controversy discussions. Of course there will be enough time for detailed conversations after the program.

Date: 18th September 2014, 10:45am

The “OVAB Digital Signage Conference Munich” is Europe’s leading Digital Signage and DooH strategy conference. It takes place at the Kempinski Airport Hotel Munich on the 17th and 18th of September 2014.

Tickets for 590€ are available here.