OVAB Digital Signage Conference Munich

Working use cases with iBeacons

- The „8th OVAB Digital Signage Conference Munich” is to open the day after tomorrow at the Kempinski Airport Hotel Munich. Among other exhiting presentations, Jan Webering (Sevenval Technologies GmbH) is going to speak about iBeacons and at the same time present a use case. von Theresa Amann

Best Practice Presentation von Jan Webering (Montage: invidis)

Best Practice Presentation with Jan Webering (Image: invidis)

iBeacons offer orientation on railway stations and airports, provide information about travel times and major changes, lead to the correct track or gate and simplify shopping by product searching and navigation to the right retail.

However individually considered Beacons are only a means to an end. It is all about the right networking, Jan Webering, CEO of Sevenval Technologies GmbH, knows. According to Webering the strength of iBeacons lies in networking with other functions of smartphones, because linked the iBeacon technology can keep several promises of location based services.

On his Best Practice Presentation “Working Use Cases with iBeacons” at the 8th OVAB Digital Signage Conference Munich Jan Webering is going to speak in particular about indoor navigation with iBeacons at the winery Leo Hillinger.

Best Practice Presentation – “Working Use Cases with iBeacons”

  • Jan Webering (Sevenval Technologies GmbH)

Date: 18th September 2014, 1:55 p.m. – 2:20 p.m.

Here the conference program can be downloaded.

Tickets for repeating delegates € 490 (+VAT) and regular delegates € 590 (+VAT) are available here.

The OVAB Europe Digital Signage Conference Munich is Europe’s leading digital signage and digital out of home strategy conference. It takes place at the Kempinski Airport Hotel Munich on the 17th and 18th of September 2014.

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