Gitex 2014

Etisalat puts Virtual Shelf and Smart Vending on the Agenda

UAE’s Etisalat presented smart retail solutions at his years Gitex. A virtual shelf solution caught our eye realized with supermarket giant Carrefour. The media wall based solution enables consumer access to a large portfolio of products away from the next supermarket.

Virtual Shelves could be based at high frequented location like shopping malls or metro stations. Consumers could fill their shopping basket in the morning and let it delivered after work. Many other use cases are possible.

The first virtual shelf was invented by Cheil and Tesco Korea. It was a huge advertisement printed on a static poster in one of Seoul’s busiest metro stations. Consumers could scan the corresponding QR code and order online.

This concept has been updated and fully digitalized. Today display based media walls are more interactive only showing the currently available products compared to a printed catalog like in Seoul.

Etisalat Smart Retail (Photo: invidis)
Etisalat Smart Retail (Photo: invidis)

Another smart approach by Abu Dhabi based Etisalat are digital vending machines. Partly hidden on the huge booth was a new fully digitalized vending machine. In cooperation with US-manufacturer Vendors Exchange and SAP Etisalat presented smart vending machines which offer anything else except soda cans.

Etisalat presented Smart Vending (Photo: invidis)
Etisalat presented Smart Vending (Photo: invidis)

Smart vending machines are deployed for example in enterprise environment to supply employees with stationary and IT-consumables. The product can be selected on the large touch screen, swiping the ID-card charges directly the departments account and the employee gets the material immediately.

Vienna based Grassfish has designed and realized more than a handful of use cases for various product categories.