IS Russia 2014

Promodriver - Cashing in on Traffic Jams

Every visitor to Moscow or St. Petersburg can tell a story about the traffic and seemingly endless trips through congested cities. Commuting times are unbelievable long, often more than two hours from door to door. Now a St. Petersburg start-up is looking to cash in with an innovative solution.

Promodriver brings location based advertising on LED boards in the rear window of private cars. More than a 1.000 cars are already equipped with LED-displays showing relevant advertising messages to other drivers. invidis met CEO and Founder Alexey Zaharenkov at IS Russia. He got inspired by digital advertising panels on top of London caps. He then adapted the business model to the Russian traffic situation.

Advertising space is offered on location based and day parting. All cars are tracked by satellite, connected by mobile and traffic forecast are incorporated into play-out plans. Interested parties can start using promodriver for free for a limited campaign, higher volume packages start from 6.000 rubles to 50.000 rubles (100 respectively 1000 EUR).

Definitely a new form of digital out of home advertising catering the special Russian traffic situations. In most western European this form of LED Advertising in private cars wouldn’t be possible.