ISE 2015

Opening Keynote by futurist mastermind Lars Thomsen

ISE´s 2015 Opening Keynote will be presented by one of Europe’s most influential futurist business masterminds. Lars Thomsen will present trends influencing the Electronic Systems Industry until 2025.

The future mastermind Lars Thomsen specialises in exploring and predicting changes will take place in society and markets over a 10 year period. He runs Future Matters, a leading research and analysis consultancy that has been used by 40% of the German stock market’s top 100 companies in their strategic planning.

At ISE 2015 Lars Thomsen will present the Opening Keynote:

520 Weeks into the Future: Trends and Tipping Points in the Electronic Systems Industry until 2025

The Keynote will take into consideration the ISE audience, focusing on opportunities, new interfaces and cross-impacts to the industries and sectors that will open up over the next 200 weeks.

Lars Thomsen´s speech will cover areas such as how to predict and shape the future; the gamification trend, Artificial Intelligence and self-learning systems; Robotics 2.0, plus the big shifts in media, marketing and consumer expectations. He will also question how far we are currently advanced in these fields and how we might look to tackle the huge opportunities which lie ahead.

A member of the World Future Society in Washington DC, Lars Thomsen is regarded as a thought provoking and insightful speaker. He consults many of Europe’s leading businesses, corporations and institutions regarding trends, changes and the evolution of future markets.

The Opening Keynote will be presented on the eve of the ISE 2015 on Monday 9 February at 6 p.m. in the Forum of the Amsterdam RAI. The Keynote will be followed by ISE’s Opening Reception at 7 p.m. in the Auditorium Lounge. Entry to both events is free of charge.