Multi-Screen Ad platform

EngageClick Integrates Artificial Intelligence in Advertising Platform

The new ad service platform announced by EngageClick isn’t ready yet for digital signage but the new solution is worthwhile studying. By applying artificial intelligence the platform is able to analyze user behavior, cluster certain behavior groups and address them with most targeted advertising.

EngageClick today announced a new ad platform that improves the effectiveness of advertising engagement across multiple screens by learning engagement behavior patterns of consumers and by delivering predictive and personalized ads. The EngageClick Consumer Personalization Platform uses data driven technologies such machine learning and cognitive science to track customer data in real-time across mobile devices, tablets, desktops, and smart TVs.

Applying Artificial Intelligence that affects the advertising message is a relatively new marketing technique. Customer data and behaviors are learned and sorted enabling personalized advertising messages. By learning consumer engagement signals, the EngageClick Consumer Personalization Platform identifies persona (groups of people who demonstrate similar taste of ads) at any point in time across multiple screens. Once a consumer persona is identified, the EngageClick platform delivers personalized ads targeted to the respective persona resulting in higher consumer engagement and deeper metrics.

EngageClick is also a major boon for performance marketers focused on measuring and improving performance. The platform allows marketing professionals to improve measurement and maximize ROI. Performance marketers uses various elements of personalization technologies provided by platform such as machine learning enabled personalized ads, re-engagement, creative personalization (consumer engagement behavior based auto segmentation and optimization) to help them achieve greater conversion successes. The insights tell them “why” and “how” they’re seeing better conversion – a story that was untold to them before.

According to EngageClick the platform is currently being tested with major global CPG, Auto, Retail, Finance, Media, Entertainment, Travel brands and already delivering increased digital ad engagement by more than an of average of 50%. These major campaigns have enabled EngageClick to collect data samples in the millions, identifying key pattern in devise use, location behaviors, interaction styles, engagement preferences, buying behaviors, and regional trends.

“The ability to apply machine learning to creative, can change the whole dynamic of how brands can appeal to their customers,” said Brandon Berger, worldwide chief digital officer for Ogilvy & Mather. “Using big data to predict the most effective message to serve at the right time, will allows us to be programmatic on both sides of the creative and media equation. It will bring performance and brand much close to together.”

EngageClick seamlessly integrates with existing Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), Real-Time Bidding (RTB), trading desks, large publishers, and other major servers. Agencies and Brands can easily leverage EngageClick’s technology that supports Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) unit guidelines with existing media buys through other platforms. EngageClick also has partnered with several media companies to help agencies and brands to deliver full-service campaigns.