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Ströer chooses Ayuda Ad Tech Platform

Germany’s largest provider of out of home and online advertising signed a letter of intent with the Canadian ad tech platform to power entire out of home sales and operational workflow, including static poster and DooH/public video. The deal includes not only programmatic buying but includes backoffice management (ERP) too.
Ayuda at DSE 2016 (Photo: invidis)
Ayuda at DSE 2016 (Photo: invidis)

Ayuda Media Systems, the Montreal based out of home ad tech company announced today at the 2015 annual FEPE Congress that Ströer Media SE, Germany’s largest out of home advertising company, has signed a letter of intent agreeing to take on Ayuda’s complete software platform to power all media workflows. Sales, operations, digital scheduling and digital ad serving will all be managed through Ayuda’s integrated platform.

The decision for Ayuda most likely also means an end to the Ströer plans of creating a platform by themselves. Ströer announced two years ago to launch a multi-screen pad-tech platform to manage bookings across all platforms.

Dr. Bernd Metzner, Ströer’s Chief Financial Officer, commented: “In Ayuda, we have selected a platform that will empower our entire workforce, opening up new and innovative opportunities for targeted customer contact for our advertisers. Ayuda’s single, integrated offering allows us to efficiently manage all our business from the same platform from the office or on the go from mobile devices.”

Ströer will be using the Ayuda Platform as an enterprise resource planning tool to integrate all sales and operations functions as well as public video ad serving for all markets in Germany, empowering both front-office and back-office personnel. Workflows that will be streamlined include availability & proposal generation, asset & inventory management, work order & copy management, billing & lease management, digital bookings, digital content management, and digital ad serving.

Andreas Soupliotis, CEO of Ayuda shared: “It is a great honour that Germany’s most ubiquitous and premiere OOH media company has chosen the Ayuda Platform to run its business. Ströer is renowned for its culture of excellence – it is in their DNA to excel at whatever they pursue, and vendor selection is no exception. What made us especially attractive to Ströer is the fact that our ERP and digital signage CMS is one and the same product. This is in stark contrast to other offerings within our industry, where multiple vendors are needed to achieve the functional equivalence of the Ayuda Platform. I could not be more excited about Ströer’s and Ayuda’s partnership.”

Infoscreen, the public video division of Ströer that operates video advertising in train stations and shopping malls across Germany, is already in the process of migrating digital ad serving functionality to the Ayuda Platform.

Dr. Metzner further commented on the decision to choose Ayuda: “The migration to the Ayuda Platform is transformational for our business. We are very pleased with the work Ayuda has produced for Ströer to date, and we look forward to a long-term partnership where Ayuda’s tools will support us as we scale and grow the business in the coming years.”