OVAB Digital Signage Summit Europe

Conference program now available online

- The program of OVAB Digital Signage Summit Europe is available online. 2015 again the main elements of the conference are networking, presentations and panels with known speakers as well as the exhibition zone. Numerous lectures and panel discussions on digital signage and digital out of home will take place at Hilton Munich Airport. von Theresa Amann

Conference Program of OVAB Digital Signage Summit Europe is now available online (Image: invidis)

Conference Program of OVAB Digital Signage Summit Europe is now available online (Image: invidis)

On the first conference day, September 10, an Introduction to Digital Signage will take place in Munich city center. After a short Market Briefing and some Basics in Digital Signage an Installation Tour in the city will show some real life examples. At the same time the conference day at Hilton Munich Airport starts with the annual OVAB Membership Meeting followed by a Workshop on RFPs. In the evening the Digital Signage Europe Burn-in evening event will take place at the Bavarian restaurant Weihenstephaner am Dom with presentations of the new invidis yearbooks and the invidis Award winners 2015.

On September 11, the conference participants will be presented with a busy program. After the traditional invidis keynote by Florian Rotberg and Oliver Schwede, Giovanni Flore, Benetton Group, will present a second keynote: “Benetton: The Store as the Place for a Limitless Experience“.

This is followed by the first panel – “The Evolution of Digital Signage: From Instore TV to Customer Engagement“ – with several internationally known digital agencies talking about customer journey.

After the extended lunch break with time for networking the program includes three tracks. At the Best Practice Track interesting presentation from DHL, Cheil, SapientNitro, Interbrand and ROSE Bikes will be held. The Best Concept Track with speakers from NavVis, RGN Brand Identity Service, Exozet and ESSMA also provides exciting presentations.

At the DOOH track four high-profile panels will discuss „Multiscreen Advertising“, „Metrics and Measurements“, „Programmatic Buying“ and „Digital Signage Impact on DooH“ after a short introductory speech.

The „OVAB Europe Digital Signage & DOOH Panel – Worldwide Industry Outlook 2016/17″ will be held at the closing of the conference. It will round up the day, pick up the discussions and summarize the current situation and future developments of the digital signage and DOOH industry.

Download the complete schedule in PDF format: OVAB Digital Signage Summit Europe – Conference program

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