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Audi’s x-ray showcase excelled with smart digital solutions

invidis digital signage classics looks back at historic noteworthy digital signage installations. Many of the concepts would still work today. Looking back five years, the integration of digital components of the Audi A8L launch in the Middle East was well ahead of time. A MENA report by
Audi's x-ray concept at Dubai Mall (Photo: invidis)
Audi’s x-ray concept at Dubai Mall (Photo: invidis)

The launch of the stretched luxury limousine A8L was a very important event for the German car maker as the UAE luxury car market is regarded very competitive. The stretched edition offered plenty of space in the back and all kind of automotive technical features.

A temporary exhibit was erected inside Dubai Mall to showcase the car and its hidden features. The main attention grabber was an x-ray like system, enabling the public to take a look inside the car. A large format display was installed on a rail system. Visitors could control the screen with a large touch screen and move the display along the length of the car. The display simulated an x-ray machine and showed details of Audi’s hidden technology.

Audi X-Ray Campaign Dubai - Photo Gallery
Audi X-Ray Campaign Dubai – Photo Gallery

The user experience was great as the installation informed about the under the skin features of the car. Secondly the control of the x-ray screen was an early form of gamification. Long lines of people formed interested in operating the XXL x-ray.

As the car was parked behind glass-walls, the x-ray doubled as an art virtual door to the exhibit for the general public. Only selected potential buyers were allowed to have a close look inside the car. Audi integrated the 360° LED-board hanging permanently above the exhibition zone in the fashion district of UAE’s largest mall.