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Maybe the most digitized retail concept ever deployed

- Dubai International Airport is one of the fastest growing in the world and already the largest international airport. But besides being a very busy airport DXB is also one of the most digitized airports. invidis took a look at the numerous digital signage installations along a travelers journey from check-in till the walk-through retail facilities in Concourse A and back to the baggage claim area. von Florian Rotberg

The main area in Terminal 3 is designed as a walk-through duty free with multiple digital signage installations competing for attention. Besides promotional vedoe walls DDF is betting on LED banner (212 VIP Rose) - next photo also with bright content (Photo: invidis)

Dubai Duty Free (Photo: invidis)

The site inspection was carried out in June 2014 but most installations haven’t changed since them. Further developments in the digital signage concepts of Dubai Airports and Dubai Duty Free are expected to be rolled-out with the opening of the new terminal end of 2015

Dubai Duty Free (DDF) is one of the largest and most characteristic players in the travel retail industry. Compared with their peers DDF solely focuses on the home airports in Dubai and how to improve the customer experience at DXB. No questions they are leading the travel retail market in many categories – especially in digital signage. That doesn’t mean everything is perfect – especially the level of experience and the joy of use varies a lot between the terminals and concourses.

Digital Signage Customer Journey - Click for Photo gallery

Digital Signage Customer Journey – Click for Photo gallery

But the quantity and quality of how DDF integrates professional displays and LED in retail design concepts is spectacular. Neither Dufry (just recently acquired World Duty free) nor Gebr. Heinemann – two close competitors – come even close to DDF in regards to digital signage.

The dedicated technology approach of DDF seems to work well, as the Dubai travel retailer holds a unique position. DXB is the heart of Emirates global network, operating 24 hours a day with an exceptional high percentage of transfer passenger. These passenger tend to spend a few hours at DXB – often in the middle of the night. Many of them are looking for distraction between two long haul flights. An ideal base for travel retail.

The second photo gallery shows many more FIDS digital signage installations – join our customer journey through Dubai International Airport.

FIDS at Dubai International Airport - Photo Gallery

FIDS at Dubai International Airport – Photo Gallery

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  1. Hi,
    The image gallery is erroneously labeled Dubai Duty Free Digital Customer Journey. The information desk and signages/areas shown are not part of Duty Free but of Dubai International. Thanks.

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