OVAB Digital Signage Summit Europe

Updated conference programme

Next week the OVAB Digital Signage Summit Europe opens its doors at the Hilton Munich Airport Hotel. Now in its ninth edition, the main elements of EMEA´s leading digital signage and DooH conference are networking and an exhibition set alongside numerous presentations and panel discussions involving leading international speakers. Take a look at the updated conference programme.
OVAB DSS Europe 2015 updated conference programme (Image: invidis)
OVAB DSS Europe 2015 updated conference programme (Image: invidis)

This year´s OVAB Digital Signage Summit Europe at Munich Airport will be organised by invidis consulting and Integrated Systems Events, in cooperation with OVAB Europe. This year’s summit will be the largest so far and will reflect an increasing international involvement from both speakers and sponsors. Make sure you are well informed on what’s happening. Take a look at the updated conference programme.

OVAB Digital Signage Summit Europe – Conference Programme UPDATE

On 10 September 2015, an ‘Introduction to Digital Signage’ will take place in Munich City Centre. After a short ‘Market Briefing’ and some ‘Basics in Digital Signage’ an ‘Installation Tour’ in the city will show some real life examples of digital signage expertise and case studies. Simultaneously, the conference day at Hilton Munich Airport begins with the annual OVAB Membership Meeting which will be followed by a Workshop on RFPs. In the evening the Digital Signage Europe ‘Burn-In’ event will take place at the Weihenstephaner am Dom Bavarian restaurant. This will include the launch of the new invidis Yearbook and the presentation of the invidis Award Winners 2015.

40+ speakers, 16 presentations, 7 panels and 3 tracks

On 11 September 2015 numerous lectures and panel discussions on digital signage and digital out of home will take place at Hilton Munich Airport Hotel. The conference participants will participate in a packed and exciting programme.

After the traditional invidis keynote by Florian Rotberg and Oliver Schwede, Giovanni Flore, Benetton Group, will present a second keynote entitled, ‘Benetton: The Store as the Place for a Limitless Experience’. This will be followed by the first panel, ‘The Evolution of Digital Signage: From Instore TV to Customer Engagement’, which will comprise internationally digital agencies discussing the customer journey.

After the extended lunch break, which allows plenty of time for networking, the programme will split into three tracks. At the Digital Signage Track 1 and 2 delegates will experience compelling presentations from Google, DHL, Cheil and SapientNitro. In addition, there will be speaker presentations from TMT Factory, NavVis, ESSMA, ROSE Bikes and Exozet. At the DooH Track four high-profile panels will discuss, ‘Multiscreen Advertising’; ‘Metrics and Measurements’; ‘Programmatic Buying’, and ‘Digital Signage Impact on DooH’.

The ‘OVAB Europe Digital Signage & DooH Panel – Worldwide Industry Outlook 2016/17’ will be held at the close of the conference. It will round up the day’s proceedings, summarise the current situation and identify future expectations in the digital signage and DooH industry.

An Open Bar at the Hilton Munich Airport Hotel will be available for all attendees to end the day.

Conference Tickets are available for 472€ (+VAT) for returning delegates and 590€ (+VAT) for regular delegates – Please register here.

OVAB Digital Signage Summit Europe (formerly OVAB Digital Signage Conference Munich) is Europe’s leading strategy conference for the Digital Signage and Digital out of Home (DooH) industry.

  • Date: 10th and 11th September 2015
  • Venue: Hilton Munich Airport

Here you can find all information about the conference: OVAB Digital Signage Summit Europe