Hypermedia launches Convenience Store Network On-the-Go

HyperMedia, the UAE based Out-Of-Home Media specialist, launched its On-The-Go Media network. The new digital screens network encompasses 25” digital screens that are installed in 169 ZOOM convenience store locations in petrol stations (Eppco, Enoc) and Dubai Metro stations.
Enoc Petrol Station (Photo: Enocretail)
Enoc Petrol Station (Photo: Enocretail)

Hypermedia replaces Smartmedia’s Amscreen system which was the first DooH network in the UAE dedicated to convenience store locations. On-The-Go Media is a great channel to target motorists who frequent gas stations in the UAE and the commuters in Dubai metro stations, potentially allowing clients to reach 3 million shoppers per month within seconds.

According to Hypermedia, “On-The-Go media is a cost-effective, real-time, fast and flexible network allowing brands to easily choose their needed locations. It increases reach and efficiency of marketing campaigns and delivers measurable ROI to the point-of purchase.”

HyperMedia has adopted this expansion following thorough research on the impact and accountability of this media tool, finding that it has a proven impact on sales for brands. Looking into the response habits of the forecourt shops visitors, the media owner’s research found that 79% of the people visiting these shops are bound to notice such screens, while 82% recall seeing a particular ad or promotion displayed on it.