DSS MENA Keynote

Six years experience - Improving ROI of Instore Signage

The keynote of the upcoming Digital Signage Summit MENA will focus on Sweden's largest food retailer and their highly successfuly experiences of six years digital signage. ICA has analyzed and adapted the customer journey throughout the years. Fredrik Holmvik of ICA Media will present do´s and don’ts of digital signage in retail.
ICA Convenience Concept (Photo: ICA)
ICA Convenience Concept (Photo: ICA)

ICA is the leading food retail in Sweden with a market share at 35% and a turnover of approximately 11 billion EUR. The Swedish food retailer operate more than 1300 stores and is part of the ICA Group that operates Food, Pharmacies, Bank & Insurance companies under the ICA Brand.

ICA has operated its digital signage channel since early 2009. Today it covers 480 stores with 5500 screens. The initial platform was launched in 2008 and rolled-out in steps from 2009-2013. That was a platform that became obsolete in 2013, and has now been completely transformed during 2014 and 2015, into an upgraded version with new “smart” functionalities delivering the required performance or foundation within the rapid changing digitalization of today. ICA has made a number learnings and developments in this journey.

ICAs future retail concept “Next generation Marketing” will also be covered as part of the presentation, creating the required transformation or next step delivering today’s upgraded platform.


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