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The Centre of Now goes Digital

- Emaar is undoubtedly one of Dubai’s leading property developer. Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall – the centre of Now. That’s how Emaar brands Downtown Dubai – the area around the tallest building of the world. LED boards decorate the latest extension construction works. von Florian Rotberg

Emaar LED at Burj Khalifa (Photo:invidis)

Emaar LED at Burj Khalifa (Photo: invidis)

The construction work of the extension for the fashion district of Dubai Mall towards Burj Khalifa is currently fenced off. Emaar took the opportunity to install to large format LED video-walls promoting goods and services available next door in Dubai Mall. A second squared size LED wall is promoting the #mydubai social media campaign.

LED were even more in focus at New Year’s eve 2014/2015. Burj Khalifa was transformed in the largest LED billboard in the world. The Guinness World Record winning LED illumination on Burj Khalifa façade was continued fort he first 10 days of the new year. The spectacular LED display enveloped Burj Khalifa in the UAE National flag colours, among other dazzling effects, which captivated the world during the Downtown Dubai New Year’s Eve Gala, the world’s most-watched spectacle.

In addition to Arabic motifs and ‘mashrabiya’ patterns, the LED display also featured flags of neighboring GCC member states Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait. Visitors to Downtown Dubai could watch the spectacular projections with the colourful light effects on Burj Khalifa complementing the brilliant display of The Dubai Fountain.

Winning the ‘World’s Largest LED-Illuminated Façade’, the LED projection on Burj Khalifa complemented the fireworks and laser displays in one of the world’s brightest visual spectacles on New Year’s Eve.

Spanning a total area of 32,467 sq metres, the record-breaking LED display had an impressive 70,000 LED light sources placed in position using over 100,000 brackets and linked seamlessly with 55,000 metres of cabling for the perfect visual display.

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