Gitex 2015

Printing Palms – Dubai’s Smart Infrastructure made in the UAE

invidis reported already about the latest smart infrastructure campaign in Dubai. Eventually more than 100 smart palms are supposed to provide free WiFi and added service across the city. A third palm has been added strategically positioned infront of the DWTC exhibition center. invidis took a closer look at the third prototype.
Smart Palm Dubai (Photo: invidis)
Smart Palm Dubai (Photo: invidis)

Smart Palms sound like another crazy idea which can only be deployed in Dubai. But the concept is great and the benefits mutual. For citizens and visitors, the palm provides charging station, digital and static information and shade. The municipality gets access to public information boards and an additional CCTV platform.

The concept seems excellent, craftsmanship of the prototype need to be improved for serial manufacturing. At Gitex was announced that future palms will be produced in 3D printing technology. Displays, LED ticker and static poster lightbox are not up to industry standard. But the prototypes have been installed as a prove of concept. We really like the idea but remain sceptical that profitable dooh media sales can be realized.