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Emirates lets Norwegians built their own Dubai-Vacation

- Emirates and JC Decaux Norway teamed up to promote Dubai as a vacation destination. Transport shelter in Oslo were fitted with large touch-screens (55“). The first time JC Decaux and Emirates launched a touch campaign. von Florian Rotberg

Für Hello Tomorrow nutzte Emirates Touchscreens in Oslo (Foto: JCDecaux)

Hello Tomorrow campaign by Emirates in Oslo (Photo: JCDecaux)

Bus Shelter in the UAE are not the most frequented locations in the Emirate. But Europeans love public transportation and Oslo is no exception. The Norwegian subsidiary of JC Decaux, Emirates Airlines and their creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi teamed up for an interactive promotion for Dubai..

JCDecaux Norge operates a couple of DOOH networks in Norway. Focus are airport- and retail networks. The digital networks cover 200-491 screens each. But till now all of them were limited in their interactivity. The newest Emirates campaign brought full interactivity in the Norwegian capitol.

Five 55“ multi-touch displays were the platform for Emirates „Hello Tomorrow“ campaign. Public transport customers were able to choose and select their individual Dubai experience in a three step approach. At the end users received an individual Dubai itinerary including offers from Emirates

The campaign was planned by RED Media Consulting, Saatchi & Saatchi in cooperation with JCDecaux Norge. In the two weeks of the campaign 7.648 user configured their individual Dubai experience on the five displays.

Another interesting campaign was launched in April 2015 by JC Decaux and BBX in Norway

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