Kuwait Museum

Friendlyway lets visitors explore Kuwait’s History

Kuwait Oil Company upgraded its exhibition center by constructing a new building with modern digital signage touch solutions. The new museum – KOC Display Center – has been fitted with 54 premium multi-touch systems from Munich-based Friendlyway.

Till today Kuwait’s economy is still the most reliant on oil revenues. More than 60% of the emirate’s GDP comes from the export of Oil. Playing such an important role in the past and today of Kuwait, the National Oil & Gas Museum covers an integral part of the countries recent history and existence.

KOC Display Centre is one of the most important conspicuous landmarks in the State of Kuwait. The Display Centre includes information explaining the story of oil discovery in Kuwait. The Display Centre opens its doors for all categories of the society and VIP visitors of other countries worldwide.

KOC Display Centre was founded in 1956 aiming to give its visitors the opportunity to have a tour through which they can gain information about the company and its production operations. The display center then was simply telling the story of oil through photos, statistics and documentations. The Display Centre was developed, renewed and expanded fourth times since opening to match the expansion of the company’s operations and its increasing production.

The latest update also included a section for documenting the events of the defunct Iraqi regime invasion and the biggest environmental disaster it caused in modern history by burning of Kuwait oil fields. In 2015 a state of the art „KOC Oil & Gas Exhibition“ has been erected in Ahmadi city encompassing a total area of more than 60,000 square meters.

There was a need to construct a new Display Center in accordance with a new vision so that it includes the latest technologies in order to serve a broader segment of the community, particularly students and researchers.