New York Digital Signage Week

American Digital Signage industry meets in the Big Apple

Every November the North American Digital Signage and DooH industry meets in New York City to discuss the latest developments in the market. From the latest technological trends to investment opportunities there is something interesting on offer for everybody.

In its fifth year the New York Digital Signage Week will be again bigger this time around. The three main events are the DPAA Video Everywhere Summit, the NEC Showcase and The DailyDOOH Investor Conference.

The DPAA Summit will be one of the largest events in the USA solely dedicated to Multi-screen viewing, Video Neutral Planning and the role of Digital Place Based in today’s fast evolving media ecosystem. The NEC Showcase will feature many of the NEC Display Solutions’ partners up-front-and-center, giving attendees access to a wide range of complete solutions and offering insights in the latest technological advances.

The DailyDOOH Investor Conference is a networking event for senior executives in the Digital Signage and Digital Out of Home industry. The conference will update investors on the latest trends and the future direction of digital signage and digital out of home and allow them to hear direct from the CEO’s of major companies that participate in the market.

Around these tree main events a whole host of smaller meetings and conferences are scheduled. The DSF breakfast debate looks set to be the pioneering event of the week, containing of a live debate hosted by DSF Chairman Ken Goldberg.  DailyDOOH Editor-in-Chief Adrian J Cotterill is expecting it tobe fun, politely confrontational and likely to attract around 100 people.”

This year, New York Digital Signage Week will take place November 2-6, 2015.