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Supersize me with JCDecaux in Dubai

JC Decaux Dicon, the Middle East division of France based JC Decaux, is thinking outside the Light Box by establishing new advertising formats at Dubai International. Static as well as Digital out of Home becomes in new dimensions.
Dubai Out of the Box (Photo: JC Decaux Dicon)
Dubai Out of the Box (Photo: JC Decaux Dicon)

Dubai International Airport (DXB) is the most important hub in the region and the most sought after advertising platform. JC Decaux holds exclusive media rights at all airports in the UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman and other airports.

Over the past few months, Dubai International has seen an increase in the use of mixed creative elements and advertising formats, with artwork that extends outside the normal confines of a light box, with stickers and wraps on adjacent walls. The high impact results vividly demonstrate the power of static advertising, while fitting seamlessly into the airport environment.

Positioned along typical high traffic pathways, these campaigns have already attracted popular brands such as Mall of The Emirates, MasterCard, Yas Island and Nabeel Perfumes.

Besides supersized Light Box advertising faces JC Decaux is also offering two DooH landmark installations since fall 2014. The dynamic digital signage advertising proposition incorporates three separate screens within its design.

The largest of the 3, measuring 6.1m in length by 1.1m in height, acts as a backdrop. The 2 smaller screens (0.6m by 1.5m) can be programmed independently to traverse across the front of the larger screen at up to 0.8m per second, presenting a truly eye catching digital advertising platform.


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