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Digital Signage brings Art of Shopping to Aldo Shoes

A few weeks ago Aldo Shoes opened its world’s largest store at Dubai Festival City Mall. The Apparel Group – which holds the Aldo License for the region – invested heavily in a modern, screen filled instore design. Probably the best digital signage shoe retail concept in the region.

Aldo, a Canadian based world leader in fashion footwear and accessories, and Apparel Group unveiled the largest Aldo store in the world at Dubai Festival City Mall (DFCM) on 28 September. The flagship store offers two rows of five 75” Samsung large format displays and a 3×3 video wall at the cashier desk. The ten portrait mode screens display highly dynamic fashion content and give shoppers the impression of a cat walk. The video wall at the far end of the shop serves as a kind of audience.

The Aldo flagship store at Festival City is definitely not the most digitized shoe store in the Middle East. But the instore concept integrates the relatively large amount of screens very well and offering an emotional shopping experience. The new customer experience concept is a considerable improvement to the older Aldo flagship store at the Mall of the Emirates. At the MoE video walls dominate the entrance area as well as the inside of the store. The digital touch points are too massive and dominate the retail space.

Facebook Video of the flagship opneing

At Festival City Apparel Group opted for a smarter and a less intimidating digital signage approach. The displays deliver the “stage” and the emotions to highlight the product offering.

Apparel Group presents the new Aldo retail concept as follows

The vibrant space offers consumers an integrated shopping experience marked by creativity and playfulness, which is at the heart of the Aldo brand.
Developed with the consumer in mind, the vibrant and welcoming concept of the newly renovated store combines a functional layout with artistic design. Upon entering, customers are greeted by a wooden finish that contrasts with the sleek and modern glass front, creating a warm and intimate shopping experience that feels “just like home”.
With custom furniture, eye-catching window displays, and large format digital screens, the combination of art and visual merchandising lends itself to a shopping experience that’s easy to navigate. Every detail has been carefully considered to create an atmosphere that is both stimulating and inviting. Customers can simply spy, try and buy the latest fashion footwear and accessories of the season.
The boutique style store at Dubai Festival City Mall aims to revitalize the shopping experience and adapt to the needs and expectations of the ever connected consumer.