Transparency and orientation

Choosing the right digital signage software

The digital signage software market is changing rapidly: not only software architecture and business models, but also the range of features and user requirements. A silo CMS is often no longer sufficient - device management, (programmatic) advertising, media asset management are required too. What is the right solution? A software suite, experience platform or even an headless CMS? invidis brings transparency and orientation.  
invidis DS Software Compass (Photo: invidis)
invidis DS Software Compass (Photo: invidis)

No other digital signage product is as subject to change as software. Until a few years ago, the share of software in digital signage value creation was less than 5 per cent – usually a one-off at the beginning of the project with a few service and update euros per month. Today, software providers have almost doubled their share in the digital signage value chain. Subscriptions have become the standard, CMS suites have become platforms and at least a handful of other OS and SoC platforms are supported in addition to Windows. And device management is indispensable for digital signage business critical networks.

Der invidis DS Software Compass bringt Transparenz und Orientierung. (Foto: invidis)
Der invidis DS Software Compass bringt Transparenz und Orientierung. (Foto: invidis)

How has the software landscape changed, which solution offers the desired functions and which provider has the largest installed base? A new offering from invidis provides transparency and orientation: the invidis Digital Signage Software Compass is a new data-based information and online analysis tool. Researched, updated and checked by digital signage experts from invidis consulting. Unlike free-to-use software comparison tools already available online, independent experts evaluate and benchmark each individual solution. We regularly publish new analyses and background articles – exclusively for invidis Software Compass subscribers.

The offering is tailormade for

  • digital signage software developers (ISVs) – benchmark your solution with that of your competitors, identify areas for improvement and stay up to date.
  • digital signage integrators – identify the best software to meet your customers‘ needs.
  • end users – find the digital signage software that meets your specific needs and vertical market

Participants of DSS Europe 2023 (5-6 July 2023 in Munich) will be able to get a first glimpse. Invidis project manager and software expert Marco Wassermann will present the first benchmark results and insights into the new offer. The invidis database includes more than 500 software providers, 67 relevant software solutions are already integrated into the Digital Signage Software Compass. We are continuously adding more solutions.

The invidis Digital Signage Software Compass is a subscription-only offer that will be launched in autumn. The platform includes all relevant digital signage solutions in EMEA and North America. Additional solutions from APAC and Latin America will be added in the future. Arrange a preview appointment with Marco Wassermann ( at DSS Europe now.