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Tommy Hilfiger

As a company, Tommy Hilfiger believes in the power of digital communication. The large flagship store in Dusseldorf is using innovative technological integrations that create a digitally infused shopping experience. With a significant addition nearly doubling its original size, the store now spans 1,822 square meters. Featuring a bright and open atmosphere, the concept reflects the American heritage and modern influences that epitomize Tommy Hilfiger’s aesthetic.

The project aimed to perform a proof of concept for in-store digital innovations to see what works and what doesn’t. Tommy Hilfiger wanted to create a full shopping experience by integrating digital communication. The target group for the digital signage project was in store customers and people passing the big shopping windows of the store in Düsseldorf. After a full evaluation, Scala was chosen as a partner for the integration of the digital signage part.

Tommy Hilfiger deployed various digital signage solutions at its leading store in Düsseldorf:

Windows near main entrance: Two large videowalls (2*3 in landscape) that show content in a window that is also filled with mannequins & props. The screens are also equipped with a sensor (camera) that can be used to trigger content based on motion.

Window near secondary entrance: A smaller videowall (1*2 in landscape) that features specific content related to the shoes & accessories section of the store, as well as general branding content.

The ground & first floor: Two setups of mega screens (3*2 in portrait) featuring currently trending content that pulls in data from live feeds such as the weather, twitter, music currently being played in store and the results of these feeds.

Runway screen: An aesthetic screen (1*2 in portrait) that features runway models.
Store directory: The size & complexity of the store required the need to provide an in-store wayfinding system that not only directs customers but attracts more attention than traditional signage.




Source: Scala

Facts & Figures

CompanyHilfiger Stores BV
IndustryRetail - Fashion Apparel
Number of branches / with
Digital Signage
10 in DE / n.a.
BranchTommy Hilfiger
Type of branchRegular Branch
AddressSchadowstraße 14
40212 Düsseldorf
Number of displays30


Tommy Hilfiger Düsseldorf

Type of installationNon-standard
FittingIntegrating in walls
Ceiling mount
Shop window
PoV situationHigh dwell time
Passage Situation
Active Shopping
DisplayNumber: 30
Number Videowalls: 6
Height: 47"; 32" (estimated)
Format: 16:9
Orientation: Landscape & Portrait
Typ: Professional Display
Display suppliernot specified
Display featuresnot specified
Project partnernot specified
Contentnot specified
Logging14. August 2014
Checked by invidisYes

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