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Adspace Mall Network Westfield Mall

Adspace Digital Mall Network counts more than 2.800 displays in more than 200 locations across the US – the largest national independent shopping mall DooH network. The majority of the faces are floor mounted totems (1800+), roughly a 1.000 displays are aerials hanging from the ceiling and some non-standard LED-boards (Specteculars). All digital faces are equipped with sound and placed in high traffic common areas in more than 200 shopping center covering 45 top DMA’s (Designated Media Areas assigned by Nielsen).

Content is basically mall related sales promotions, hottest new merchandise in the mall and general tips & trends (i.e. travel tips). Adspace sells advertising in 15-second spots around this programming. Adspace malls reach 158 million engaged shoppers each month across the nation.

The four minute loop doesn’t include current news, sport results or local weather. The editorial content focuses on topics matching the advertiser’s needs. Adspace calls it shopper-centric programming. A different approach to most DooH mall networks in Europe.

We have been a little disappointed of the quality of the network as some totems remained off during a ten day period. Even they were located at strategically important sites next to main escalators in Westfield San Francisco Centre.

Source: Westfield USA

Source: invidis

Facts & Figures

CompanyAdspace Networks, Inc.
IndustryShopping Mall
Number of branches / with
Digital Signage
200 / 200
BranchAdspace Mall Network Westfield Mall
Type of branchRegular Branch
Address865 Market St
CA 94103 San Francisco
Number of displays0


DooH Totems

Type of installationStandard
PoV situationPassage Situation
DisplayHeight: 65"
Display suppliernot specified
Display featuresnot specified
Project partnernot specified
ContentProduct Advertising
3rd party Advertising
Logging30. May 2014
Checked by invidisNo

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