About invidis consulting

About invidis:

  • Munich-based boutique consultancy
  • offers worldwide leading digital signage consulting services
  • publishes invidis.de – the leading German-language news platform
  • provides digital architecture professional services to brands and retail designers
  • analyses the digital signage industry and shares the insights in form of the invidis yearbook annually
  • founded and co-organizes the worldwide leading digital signage event series (DSS – Digital Signage Summits)
  • offers strategy and management consulting to enterprise clients, suppliers, investors and a wide variety of other businesses
  • founded 2006 and is still fully owned by Florian Rotberg

invidis consulting

  • is a boutique digital consultancy with expertise in digital signage, digital retail, digital-out-of-home, and smart cities based in Munich/Germany
  • specializes in scalable and sustainable digital concepts and strategies
  • advises clients across the world
  • thinks strictly customer-centric, but with store operations and backend processes in mind
  • makes “gut feelings” quantifiable and actionable with Retail Analytics
  • supports management to better understand “retail experiences” and competitive dynamics
  • helps clients to design deliverable strategies while keeping scope and budgets in focus
  • has developed into one of EMEAs leading, supplier independent digital signage consultancies since 2006
  • is industry though-leader presenting more than 50 times annually at conferences around the globe

What we do for:

CEOs, Head of Strategy:

  • Development of novel, digital business models and implementation strategies
  • Technology and competitive market assessments

COOs, Head of Retail / Store Operations:

  • Operations concepts for digital touchpoint platforms
  • Customer flow and digital touchpoint optimization
  • Digital staff support

CFOs, Analysts, sales managers:

  • Actionable insights from Retail Analytics
  • Comprehensive KPI systems (physical and digital)

CMOs, Head of Merchandizing, Head of Omni-Channel:

  • Cross-platform experience and content strategies
  • Customer journey design

CTOs, Head of Digital:

  • Support of tender / RFP processes and supplier assessments
  • Link of front-end and back-end solutions

Retail architects, Designers, Store Planners:

  • Customer journey and mindset analyses
  • Digital touchpoint concepts

Investors, M&A departments, Banks:

  • Assessment and development of business models and strategies
  • Strategic Due Diligence (Buy- and Sell-side)

Digital Signage Integrators & suppliers:

  • Market and competitive analyses
  • Business model and strategy development
  • M&A

invidis philosophy:

Digital is not icing on the cake – Digital needs to be fully integrated to deliver RoI

Digital touch points should

  • add value to the customer experience
  • integrate & connect with retailer’s backend systems i.e. ERP, CRM
  • show current promotions which are relevant to the target group at that time & place
  • enable staff to focus on customers and free them of standard information requests
  • offer seamless user & brand experience across all platforms (offline, online, mobile, print etc)
  • promote styles and complementing garments / accessories (in Fashion)
  • open opportunities to purchase items (colour, size) which are not available in the particular store

What’s most important

  • less is often more. Digital touch points need to enhance the customer experience

Digital Signage Summits (DSS)

  • is the worldwide leading digital signage event series
  • premiered 2006 – since then we have organized more than 30 DSS events worldwide
  • organized jointly with ISE since 2014
  • are annual events in Munich (DE), Amsterdam (NL), Moscow (RU), Dubai (AE), Sao Paulo (BR), Mexico City (MX), Bogota (CO) and individual events along Infocomm Show in Las Vegas, Orlando and New York City (all US)
  • 10.000’s of satisfied conference delegates

invidis research

  • invidis yearbooks are published annually by invidis consulting since 2010
  • more than 15.000 copies (printed and ebook) are distributed annually
  • yearbooks are distributed free of charge online and printed copied are available at leading industry events
  • invidis consulting produces 200+ pages of unbiased industry analysis every year
  • Annual launch at DSS Europe including award ceremony
  • Download free copy at https://invidis.de/magazin-download-archive/

Contact us:

invidis consulting GmbH

Grillparzer Str. 12a

81675 Munich / Germany

Phone: +49 89 2000416-17