invidis Annual Commentary 2022/2023 with Michaela Hirsch, Director of Sales Germany, Peerless-AV (Photo: Peerless-AV)
invidis Annual Commentary 2022/2023

Michaela Hirsch | Peerless-AV

Insights into the ever-evolving AV Industry in 2023 and beyond – technology trends and growth expectations in the face of a looming recession. Michaela Hirsch, Director of Sales Germany, Peerless-AV in the invidis Annual Commentary.

As we all now look ahead to 2023 and another ISE on the horizon, what can we expect to see in terms of technology innovation and trends next year, in the face of economic uncertainty?

One trend that isn’t necessarily new, but where we expect to see continued growth over the next few years, is the demand for ever wider display configurations to fill a horizontal space. Typically, this could be where an environment is limited by height, so the only option is to expand laterally. Videoconferencing and collaborative workspaces, showrooms and events are a few application examples where there is an increasing requirement for LFDs – whether LCD or LED – since the wide screen HD format allows more screen space for data or information, offers a more impactful presence for presentations and promotions or a platform to display artistic content.

All the major OEMs now have UHD large screen displays for immersive viewings experiences up to 110”. Many are also bringing out large format all-in-one LED displays for customers that want to go that bit larger, particularly in the 110”-168” range. They can opt for large traditional 16:9 displays or the newer 21:9 and 32:9 ratio screens, depending on the required viewing experience. One of the main reasons that the all-in-one display is taking off is that the marketing channel sell is easier since there is only one skew.

The all-in-one trend also extends further into the UC/VC market, which is buzzing with activity and innovation right now, as we saw at UC Expo in London. More manufacturers are bringing out stylish front of room solutions such as the all-in-one soundbar, integrating camera, speakerphone and microphone peripherals in one device.

The Right Mounting is Key

Naturally, choosing the right mounting solution to support these new XL screens, all-in-one displays and soundbar devices is key. Peerless-AV works with all the leading OEMs, providing both standard wall mounts and trolley solutions (with adaptor rail accessory) with the quality, stability, safety and reliability necessary in any professional installation.

As a mount manufacturer, nurturing close relationships with OEMs is fundamentally important for our business. As the dvLED market advances, prices decrease and demand escalates, it’s vital to stay ahead of the game, supporting OEM and integration partners with expert project support services. As end customers continue to push boundaries in digital signage, more and more DV-LED installs in the pipeline are large scale, complex and challenging, requiring custom designed and precision engineered mounting systems with to end to end project management and on-site consultation. This is where we excel and leave our mark, working with partners on exciting projects such as the Jackie Robinson Museum in NYC or the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Morocco – two exemplary installations of DV-LED of 2022.

Although DV-LED undoubtedly presents a world of new business opportunities into 2023 and beyond, traditional LCD video walls still have a place, and will for some time yet. In fact, many end customers, including big blue-chip companies, automotive dealerships and retail stores, are going back to LCD video walls simply because they prefer the look and feel of LCD over the one ultra large, no seams screen that LED offers. Important to note, video wall installations also don’t have the complexity and level of expertise required to handle and install as LED. Installers still appreciate and specify video wall mounting products that are easy to install and service. Direct feedback from customers that are out there, regularly installing our products in the field, confirms that our 8 point tool-less fine tune adjustment on the X,Y,Z axis remains a big USP; for facilitating a simpler, quicker install experience.

Movements in DooH

Moving to the DooH sector, the trend towards larger screen sizes is also ever-growing in line with demand for outdoor advertising as a great value medium for targeted audience engagement. The latest outdoor displays come in sizes up to 75”, offering brightness levels up to 3,000 nits and scheduling capabilities according to time of day, an important feature at night where regulations dictate brightness of digital signage, especially near roadsides or residential neighbourhoods.

If we look at the German market specifically, DooH still very conservative and the retail space, especially, is behind other European territories in terms of adoption. This could be an awareness issue or just perhaps that the focus on innovative technology implementation lies in other areas of the retail store experience. Certainly, the possibilities for outdoor displays overall are substantial and we have had some interesting, large projects recently in some less obvious indoor applications such as a tire manufacturer and paper mill; environments where full protection from dust and particles was required. The rental space is also interesting area for incorporating weatherproof digital screens into outside exhibits. For example, in the Porsche stand at IAA Mobility in Munich and the Wirtgen Group booth at the bauma construction machinery fair, also in Munich.

When incorporated into smart city kiosks, and combined with speaker, camera and IR touch overlay options, outdoor displays can be transformed into true interactive, approachable experiences for customers, and we’ve received a lot of requests for this. Hence this is an area to watch in 2023.

Although the UK and EU’s economies face challenging times ahead, businesses within the AV industry will be preparing for this as best they can and, although the number of projects in the pipe maybe subdued until the uncertainties dissipate, there’s no doubt that growth is still forecasted, and we look at the New Year with positivity. See you in Barcelona!