invidis verbreitert Consulting-Angebot (Foto: Michael Siebert)

invidis broadens offer and launches operational consulting unit

invidis consulting stands for thought leadership and strategic advice in Digital Signage and Digital Technology in the real world, e.g. in Retail or Offices. The Munich based firm extends its boutique consultancy offer with a new operational unit, invidis impact. This move is triggered by continuously increased market demand for deeper operational advice. The additional unit provides hands-on consulting support and interim management for example for go-to-market projects, technology and software topics, operational performance optimization, as well as assistance during post-merger integration processes.

“We are very happy to announce that Markus Deserno, Marco Wassermann und Daniel Oelker join invidis impact with immediate effect as operational management experts”, says Florian Rotberg. “Their complementary expertise enables us to offer a complete consultancy portfolio, from strategic advice to hands-on operational support. The industry is growing and asks for more and deeper services and all three experts are adding valuable operational expertise that our client base is looking for”, concludes Stefan Schieker.

As a boutique consultancy invidis has grown to one of the industry’s leading strategy and management consulting firm. Led by Florian Rotberg and Stefan Schieker, invidis consulting advises leading digital signage suppliers – hardware, software and integrators – as well as global brands in their search for digital experience concepts.

In addition, invidis strategy consultants enable industry market leaders to shape the industry as M&A advisor (buy and sell side). invidis consulting’s yearbooks are the globe’s industry bible and the Digital Signage Summit event series is bringing together the industry across the globe.

While invidis strategy consulting typically focuses on strategic or conceptual topics like business model and strategy development, market analysis and due diligence, invidis impact is set up to support on more operational aspects of the business.

Typical project assignments for invidis impact are:

  • Go to market – supporting business development and sales teams by approaching potential clients and partners, as well as creating marketing and sales plans and stories
  • Strategy implementation – supporting senior management with program management, deep dives into specific topics (e.g. Technology platform, Green Signage, Analytics)
  • Operational excellence – supporting first-line management with benchmarking, process optimization e.g. for sales, engineering or customer service
  • Technology assessments – supporting CTOs and CIO with SWOT analyses of technology stacks, market needs and product readiness assessments
  • Organizational development – supporting senior management and / or HR to manage growth related transitions and change projects
  • Post merger integration – supporting investors and / or senior management with program planning and management of PMI projects and specific implementation

The intensity and scope of the support provided by invidis can vary between

  • focused workshop series,
  • short and intense full-time project engagements,
  • part-time, mid-term project lead or support,
  • Medium-term interim management roles,
  • Longer-term management advice / sparring

Three industry experts have joined the newly established invidis impact unit to enable the invidis client base to excel in a fast-changing very dynamic market.

  • Markus Deserno, co-founder and long-term managing director of Umdasch Seen Media
  • Marco Wassermann, co-founder and long-term managing director of Xplace
  • Daniel Oelker, former Chief Communication Officer for ZetaDisplay

You can meet the extended invidis team at the upcoming ISE 2022 (10-13 May) in Barcelona.