M-Cube-Präsident Manlio Romanelli (Foto: M-Cube)
Manlio Romanelli

"2021 was a fantastic year for M-Cube".

Europe’s top 3 Digital Signage integrator M-Cube is looking back at a successful 2021. The Milan-based company could more than recover from the pandemic related business decrease. In 2021 M-Cube recorded 27% growth vs 2020, even beating 2019 results.

“2021 was a fantastic year as our business rebounded across the board in most markets and sectors” according to M-Cube president Manlio Romanelli in an exclusive Invidis interview. “We grew revenues by 27% to EUR 46 million and this number doesn’t even reflect the order intake. Hardware shortage limited our business especially towards the end of 2021.”


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M-Cube’s revenue grew also organically 23% compared to the last pre-pandemic year 2019. “Besides enabling our customers to reopen their stores with video and audio experiences, we also finished the integration of Storever into the M-Cube group.” Now all European entities operate under one brand – M-Cube.

“We’re serving more than 80 luxury brands worldwide with In-Store radio and Digital Signage solutions. More and more on our common COL platform. Demand in luxury really picked up after the pandemic, and our clients benefitted from pent-up demand. Shopping for luxury goods should be an experience, and we deliver them by transforming stores into a sensorial space on behalf of our clients .”

For 2022 M-Cube expects revenue growth exceeding 2021 levels. The impact of the war in Ukraine including closure of luxury boutiques in Russia is very limited. “Our worst-case exposure is a very low six-digit figure.”  More worrisome is the still shaky supply of displays, media players and other hardware. “It seems like our industry will remain heavily affected  by supply chain issues till at least the end of the year. Luckily M-Cube has exclusive access to LED products via it’s specialized subsidiary Videomobile. “The demand for LEDs remains immense, it’s definitely the visual solution with the fastest growth.