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invidis digital signage explorer: A thousand great things can be seen all over the world

New features, a grown database, more installations and cities – the invidis digital signage explorer.

Where can I see digital signage installations? What should a good installation be like? What is the decisive point? – The invidis digital signage explorer gives you the answers to these questions.

At the invidis digital signage explorer invidis consulting rates digital signage and digital-out-of-home installations. First invidis just rated installations in Munich but nowadays installations in other German cities like Berlin, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf were added. Even the international metropolis Singapore or Austrian cities like Vienna and Innsbruck are captured.

Please click on images to get to the invidis Digital Signage Explorer
Please click on images to get to the invidis Digital Signage Explorer

Because of an overviewing and structured database the installations can be searched by different parameters like: branch, city, display manufacturer or project partner.

In the future the explorer will be completed with digital signage- and digital-out-of-home installations from other cities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and selected EMEA-countries.

Click here for the invidis digital signage explorer.

With the explorer invidis wants to give the possibility of an overview about different – espacially international – installations.
Supplements as well as suggestions for additional projects are welcomed: