Chase Union Square

Innovative self-service concept for Chase

San Francisco | In spring 2013 Chase opened their newest flagship branch in the heart of San Francisco right on Union Square. The new branch’s lobby is dominated by a huge 6x3 video wall displaying images of San Francisco and new self-service terminals.
Chase Bank flagship branch Union Square
Chase Bank flagship branch Union Square

Chase operates more than 5.500 branches and almost 20.000 ATMs in the US alone. The Union Square branch incorporates different new design and technology modules. Most striking is the lobby with a 18 display video wall and the new self-service terminals with 21,5″ displays (10:16 aspect ratio).

Chase aims to get banking customers back into the branch by offering joy of use with familiar digital devices. The self-service terminals offer an iPad like user experience, the interface is customized for each customer (i.e. account balances, buttons with preferred cash withdraw amounts and USD bill denominations are preconfigured) and personal assistance is Omni-present.

The video wall transports a local image to the global JP Morgan Chase brand and draws attention to passersby especially at night. Various other zones i.e. classic bank teller as well private meeting rooms are also available.

Invidis comment

The video wall and LED lighting is very impressive – interactivity is focused to the self-service machines. We do like the concept and it is designed to be rolled out in prime locations across the nation. Compared to the Umpqua Bank flagship store the Chase branch feels much more like a conventional bank. This doesn’t have to be a drawback – it is just a different approach and without a doubt more scalable.


The flagship branch was designed by San Francisco based architects Gensler – the biggest architecture firm in the US. The architects have published an interesting report about the design concept