OVAB Digital Signage Conference Munich

invidis Keynote – Consolidating the Industry’s Rise

- For the past seven years invidis consulting has opened the annual OVAB conference with an industry leading overview and analysis of the digital signage and DooH market. This year’s event will be no exception. Besides trends and drivers, newest research and retail technology invidis will focus on current industry consolidation activities. von Florian Rotberg

Florian Rotberg (invidis consulting) and Oliver Schwede (invidis consulting) (Photo: goettlicherfotografieren.de)

Florian Rotberg and Oliver Schwede (both invidis consulting) at last year´s OVAB conference (Photo: goettlicherfotografieren.de)

The digital signage industry has recorded well above average growth in the past five years. Displays at the Point of Sale and Point of Information are established across Europe. Cross-border projects are getting more common, but the supply side is still very much cluttered. National and regional system integrators dominate the market. The trend towards consolidation is coming into full swing.

This year’s invidis keynote offers amongst other topics a consolidation led focus, providing new data, trends and food of thought. In addition the conference provides a unique platform to gain insights into one of world’s most exciting industry. Join us for debate and discussion with partners, old and new.

Visit our website to register for the opportunity to attend the 8th OVAB Munich Digital Signage Conference.

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