ISE 2015

RAI Amtrium - Additional Space for next Year’s ISE

Repeating attendees of this year’s ISE will notice the new building next to hall 1. The RAI Amtrium Conference Center is almost finished and will be opened in spring. Therefore ISE 2016 will offer even more premium exhibition, meeting and conference space.

RAI Amtrium (combining Amsterdam and Atrium) is already the second new construction besides the Elicium. The ground floor of the Amtrium will comprise a large 540 m² ballroom, which can be divided into two equal parts, and a 600 m² lounge linked to Halls 4/5 and 1. Sliding walls will allow the ballroom and lounge to be combined into one large space.

The First Floor will feature a large meeting rooms which can be flexibly divided. The second floor, with a total floor space of 915 m², is suitable for small expo’s, product presentations, poster sessions, receptions and dinners and has an excellent view of the city of Amsterdam. Floors 3 and 4 will house offices.

More new construction is already in the pipeline. A new car park will be constructed till 2017 not only offering much needed parking space. The ground floor of the car park can be converted to an exhibition hall offering more space for ISE and other events.