Traditional Store – Thesis 04

Expert advice

There is no substitute for competent personal advice.

Titel Fachberatung - Mein Hoffi in Berlin (Photo: Dan Pearlman)

Face-to-face consulting in the store creates a real interpersonal relationship. The expertise of professionals can best unfold in connection with a live experience of the product, and is credible and emotional. There are numerous digital tools that can complement customer advice and support. However, the genuine conversation remains the most memorable. Especially if the salesperson can not only shine with expert knowledge, but can also convey the product as well as brand values to the audience.

If you want to learn more about the „New Spirit of Retail“, and about

  • hybrid consumers,
  • places of identification,
  • the connection between corner shop and supermarket at Mein Hoffi,

download the full whitepaper from dan pearlman and invidis.