Fundamental transformation in brick-and-mortar retailing

The New Spirit of Retail

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Discussions about the „retail of the future“ often revolve around when and how the successful eCommerce model will replace traditional – and thus boring – brick-and-mortar retail. However, with all the debates about channels and technologies or growth and cost advantages, the core question often escapes attention: How do consumers want to shop today and in the future?

To answer this question, dan pearlman and invidis have formulated ten theses and divided them into two categories. In the first part, under the motto „Old roles, new twists,“ we explore the classic role of the store as a place of transaction and brand communication – and how these traditional core functions can be reconceived in a new and innovative way.

The second part is about new, additional roles for the store and how to achieve „engagement“ between customer and brand in the store. We will focus on topics that are often associated with the term „future retail“, including experience, social, brand relationship, data, purpose and engagement.

Old roles, new twists

The Traditional Store:
Transaction and Brand Communication

New roles for old formats

The new store:
Engagement between humans and brands

How do customers want to shop today and in the future? This initial question is something that every retailer and every brand has to ask themselves again and again. The ten theses described in this paper are intended to provide inspiration and can form a framework for a structured discussion. We firmly believe that there is infinite potential in the combination of (spatial) design and digital possibilities to engage with customers. Let’s jointly start turning ideas into realities with Design X Digital.

If you want to learn more about the „New Spirit of Retail“, download the full whitepaper from dan pearlman and invidis.