Besonders wirksam: moderne Werbemedien am Airport (Foto: Flughafen Zürich)


Screens wirken am Airport überdurchschnittlich gut

- Mit welchen Medien erreicht man Passagiere und Besucher an Flughäfen besonders gut? Eine aktuelle Studie bestätigt, dass digitale Screens und interaktive, technologisch fortschrittliche Medien zu den aufmerksamkeisstärksten Werbeträgern zählen. weiter

Digital Signage at APM Monaco Russia (Photo: Adamas)

IS Russia 2014

Digital Signage and Jewelry

- Large Format Displays in Jewelry retail is still unchartered territory. It seems to be general opinion with digital signage integrators that small precious jewelry and large displays don’t match. Visual Merchandising specialist Pavel Sidorov from Adamas illustrated at the ISR Retail Conference how the Adamas is using digital signage in their APM Monaco franchise outlets in Russia. weiter

Sbarro and Yamkee at Vladivostok Airport / Vegas Mall Moscow (Photos: Planet Hospitality)

IS Russia 2014

Generating Sales uplift with Digital Menu Boards

- Italian restaurant chain Sbarro, the Quick Service concept Yamkee or Donut experts Krispy Kreme. All three operate very different F&B concepts but they share their preference for an effective use of digital signage. Digital Menu Boards generate additional sales and have proven to be very efficient communication tool for restaurant operators Planet Hospitality and Krispy Kreme Russia. weiter

AIZmedia display at AFI Mall (Photo: invidis)

IS Russia 2014

DooH is mainly an Indoor Media

- Even the ISR conference focused this year mainly on digital signage in retail. DooH was also omni-present. Especially as indoor shopping mall DooH networks play an important role in the Russian digital out of home market. The leading independent mall network operator AIZmedia presented some insights at the conference. weiter

8x3 Media Wall with social media and mercedes branding content (Photo: invidis)


Cars meet Cinema – Mercedes Me Café Moscow

- Mercedes and other premium automobile manufactures have adapted their decades old showroom strategy to the growing digital generations. That means complementing showrooms at the outskirts of cities with downtown touch-points. Engaging new target groups with new retail and hospitality concepts. weiter

Letoile City of Dreams (Photo: L'etoile)

IS Russia 2014

L’Etoile – where digital signage dreams become reality

- Russia’s leading beauty retailer L’Etoile operates more than 900 in Russia. Most of them unspectacular cosmetics self service shops. But the newly opened flagship store brings excitement to shoppers and digital signage fans. Nikolay Zaytzev from L‘TOILE presented the digital signage concept at the IS Russia Digital Signage Conference. weiter

Interactive Digital Signage in Moscow (Photo: Screenshot)

IS Russia 2014

Engagement through Gamification

- The undisputable leader in interactive content for digital signage is Denis Zeltser. He has been a speaker at all four ISR conferences and always brings concepts and creativity in the technology industry. This year Denis presented another show reel of engaging campaigns created in last months for the Russian market. weiter

Promodriver brings DooH to relevant target groups (Photo: Promodriver)

IS Russia 2014

Promodriver – Cashing in on Traffic Jams

- Every visitor to Moscow or St. Petersburg can tell a story about the traffic and seemingly endless trips through congested cities. Commuting times are unbelievable long, often more than two hours from door to door. Now a St. Petersburg start-up is looking to cash in with an innovative solution. weiter

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